Today I feel like i justified my day as a "doing stuff at home" day rather than a day off.

  • caught up on some sleep
  • baked 2 cakes (well ok, baked a double batch of cake)
  • delivered cake to a friend
  • borrowed books from the library
  • looked up skirt making notes and determined exact alterations to patterns needed for 3 skirts
  • cut out a new suede skirt
  • assembled notions for 5 skirts and made a shopping list for missing notions
  • darned a pair of socks
  • located a bug that was stopping me uploading the last batch of sca awards, and solicited expert help to fix it.
Not really 8 hours worth of things, but I think I need to pat myself on the back so that I manage at least this much next wednesday cos otherwise I end up doing less than this. So I'm going to try really hard not to write about not applying for job, not looking for houses, not shopping for computers, not finishing those blog entries, not doing any more searching for seals doccumentation, etc. Must give up online game addiction.

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