I really want a job that's advertised at the uni I work at at the moment. The jobis for a business analyst, but it's really a low level job as far as I can tell - liase with IT services to select new software, make it work properly, train staff in new software, do everyday program maitenance, write/find and adapt user manuals (probably down to quite basic levels) doccument descisions, and from my knowledge of the department, make theeir dysfunctional databases actually work systematically. I'm not properly qualified for it, but I'm pretty sure I can do the job. And I can hope that the tradition of universities having few applicants for their jobs continues, so my knowledge of the higher education research sector will compensate for my lack of qualifications in information systems or business.
If you are still reading, i'd appreciate help if you have some time or expertise to spare.... For reference, not because I expect anyone to read it, the actual job add is here.

I''m trying to adress the key selection criterea, and these ones are giving me the most trouble, so I'd appreciate if anyone could proofread and comment upon the following.  (Bat please forgive my slight hyperbole regarding the canon role)


A degree with at least 4 years subsequent relevant experience in information systems development or business systems analysis; or extensive experience and management expertise in technical or administrative fields; or An equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education/training.

For more than 15 years I have been actively involved in chairing committees and managing project teams in unpaid roles, with serious responsibilities. The majority of my major project experience has been event based, a situation where no slippage of timelines is permissible. I have been responsible for bringing in all my projects on budget and on time, which was important in organisations with very small operating budgets where a single budget overrun could bankrupt the society.

I believe that my ability to evaluate existing projects, determine strengths and weaknesses, and analyse risks in projects is what has made my projects a success, no matter how difficult the situation.

I have a degree in arts and an honours degree in science, which while not directly relating to business analysis, have taught me very valuable skills in analysis and documentation.

Experience / Skills / Knowledge / Attributes:

Demonstrated ability to maintain and administer existing information systems through the application of upgrades, patches etc as well as day-to-day user management and queries. This does not require programming or pure technical expertise but rather the ability to liaise with groups external to Swinburne Research when required and negotiate priorities in the best interest of all parties.

I am currently responsible for administering a database of honours given to over 2000 people. When I began in this role, the data was of very poor veracity, I have been responsible for validating data and undertaking research projects into past data where poor data reporting practise had occurred.

I lead a team of data entry and data validation volunteers, and am responsible for instructing them in use of the database, and assigning achievable tasks to each volunteer who may have wildly differing skillsets and quantities of time to dedicate to the project. I also write and improve and update existing user guides for this software including documenting procedures relating to data entry and database installation and maintainance.

I work with a programmer on this project, and am required to evaluate the merits of potential changes and improvements to the database and am responsible for making the executive decisions regarding programming direction.

I am also responsible for applying updates, patches and installation of new versions of software, and accurately identifying, reporting and prioritising bugs and monitoring progress towards their resolution. I also, with guidance from the project programmer, have been requirerd to execute very simple sql commands (using phpmyadmin) to import data and remove faulty data.

As the data represents honours given within a society to thank skilled and dedicated members, society members are dedicated to achieving perfect data, despite initial data reporting being quite poor. Society members feel ownership of the database, and are encouraged to comment upon data which may be incorrect. This creates a very real need to keep accurate and up-to-date data, as my work is constantly monitored and commented upon by hundreds of clients.

Finally, the bigger ask........
IF you happen to be a business analyst, or work extensively with business analysts, AND
IF you have worked with me on a commitee, project, or have objectively analysed many of my organisational outputs, AND
IF you think I could do this job, AND
IF you would be willing to say so to this employer,
......please let me know.

IF you answered no to do you think I could do this job, I'd really appreciate constructive critsiscm as to why not, perhaps in a private message.  Really, I know it's not considered polite to not speak up in such a situation, but I can take critiscm well, and I'd really hate to waste my time applying for this type of job only to find out I was wasting my time.  And who knows - you might suggest something I can easily fix.
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