Why o why are my best writing hours after 10pm on a weeknight? grr. 

Anyway, despite a rather late night, The Job Application (yes it has capitals!) is in. Phew.

I want to send in a couple of others off seek on the weekend, but they don't stress me as badly as this one did. Maybe because I don't want them as badly, but perhaps also because half my workplace doesn't know I'm applying for them.   And they are just the classic CV+cover letter format, no nasty key selection criteria.  And I now have a tidier 3 page resume I can send instead of the 5 page monster.

So it's a waiting game, and hoping that everyone else dislikes adressing key selection criteria more than me, and didn't apply.

Meanwhile the faculty is trying to extend my temp contract again.  After I said I wouldn't work for them past the end of the month without a pay rise. But they were crafty - they only asked for a week. Hmm choices.

In other news, monash is advertising for a "High Voltage Supervisor".  Well it made me giggle.
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