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([personal profile] teffania May. 25th, 2009 09:27 pm)
I've discovered It's easier to write regularly in facebook status updates.   I wonder if it's the 420 character limit, or the ability to use 3rd person?

Anyway, I'm told I don't write enough on lj to let people know what I've been doing lately.  But then when people ask me in person, my usual response is to shrug, so I guess it's not really any different, - I just don't know what's notable.  I've been meetign with a friend for lunch on mondays, and I do find it easier to say what I've been doing then - when it's only been 7 days since you last saw a person, you don't expect any extrodinary answers, jsut a couple of ordinary ones.  So what have I done this week:

*found a good chinese restaurant in glenferrie I didn't know existed
*cut out and did more than half the machine sewing on a new business skirt (oh the pretty fabric, who knew black and silver grey could be so conservative, yet so pretty and facinating)
*angsted over a job app (you probably noticed that one), then finally submitted it in the nick of time
*updated my resume for above job app, then got too slack to send off a second job app on the weekend.
*kept somewhat firm in my commitment to leave current employer and hope to get somethign different and more career adcvancing elsewhere
*and then seriously considered their offer of an extra week.  craft ppl not offering a month (again) when I'd say no.
*explained to everyone at work why I'm not staying.  I doubt there will be a goodbye thing, even if i've been there longer than most permanents who get a party.
*had the first weekend in ages where I didn't leave the house after I got home on friday night after dancing
*with much help, worked out a plan for the next few dancing sessions, which now I just need to tell everyone about. It might even qualify as a grand plan.

hey, that actually begins to look productive, wow!

From: [identity profile] alliette-d.livejournal.com

Oooh, a grand plan for dancing. Tell, tell tell

From: [identity profile] celsa.livejournal.com

Yay for updates!

I've started actually using Facebook and find it is easy to post snippets to because the format is brief and feels relatively ephemeral.

If I did not say so in your previous job application post; good luck!

And - what alliette_d said!!


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