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([personal profile] teffania Jun. 1st, 2009 03:53 pm)
Yesterday  I was madly sneezing and exhausting my supply of hankies, with few other symptoms.  Today I dutifully stay at home to avoid spraying workmates and other than tired and a bit mentally slow, exhibit only mild symptoms, certainly not yesterday's spectacular sneezing fits.  I'm waiting for this to turn into a full blown cold (not flu, distinctly lacking several symptoms) or go away.  Back to work tomorrow I guess.

My current temp contract ends on Friday, so I'm waiting to see the next job they send is better, worse, or non existant.  I really should be tidying up my resume to send to them, but see above.

Thanks to everyone's comments I got the job app in for the job I was talking about.  6 Business days and no word, when i think they are eager for someone to start, is not a good sign.  But they promise to let everyone know the outcome when they've decided, so miracles are still possible, if unlikely.  I've sent other job apps on that day too, and but I never pinned any hopes on those ones.

I'm waiting for some oomph to send out the next batch of job apps. I've selected jobs.  My resume is shorter and better than before, I just need to tidy and write cover letters. I'm waiting to work out if I should send more applications to the uni department that hasn't replied yet - they've advertised 2 more positions (neither as attractive, but possible), one too senior and one more junior than I'd like. Maybe the temp agencies reaction to my resume will give me some clues as to what I should settle for.

I'm waiting for the heater to warm up the house a bit.  Definately no fever here, I'm consistantly cold with frosty mouse/typing hand and only cool other hand tucked that's under my cloak.

I'm waiting for the AV computer to boot up so I can watch some stored TV and do some simple handsewing and at least feel productive (one new business skirt only handsewing on waistband and hemming away from wearable.  such pretty fabric in somber grey and black - so unusual).  And it's awake, I'd best away then.........


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