I know a couple of you dear readers have been experimenting with reusable mesh bags. So how has the experiment been working? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What presumed actions have to be part of your weekly habit for using these to work (other than the obvious taking them to  the shop)?

If you sewed them, what construction techniques and materials were used, and what worked or didn't?

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I use a combination of calico bags and polyester bags which fold up to nearly nothing. It does work really well, when I remember them. It helps that every fortnight I do a fairly big shop, so that makes it easier to remember

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Sorry, I wasn't being clear. Bags for individual items of fruit/veg, so they don't dry out or escape in the fridge.

We're using a plastic box for some of the fruit, a lettuce crisper, and things like celery and capsicum aren't wrapped. But peas and beans need to be contained, The veggies that don't fit in the crisper like brocoli need to be kept clean, and some of the veggies dry out too much without a bag around them. And others are just difficult to buy without a bag, and that's a lot of bags each year we can probably avoid using without disrupting the weekly routine much.


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