Mostly links for my reference. Although if anyone else has been talking to Tim you might find this useful.

Fuyu are the type I have, and the readily available type in australia. Either the ones I had weren't ripe yet, or they store a lot longer than 3 days at room temperature, more like 10 days. They freeze well.

Persimon cookies - 2 persimons pureed

Persimon paste - 1kg of puree (no pectin added)
Persimon Jam - 4 cups of  pulp (8 persimons) (pectin)
Persimon Chutney - 12 persimons (also bundt cake and rice pudding, not that  Iplan to try those)

Persimon tart (flip & caramelise) - 2 persimons

Rocket & Procuto wrapped persimon salad
- 2 persimons - must buy proscuto!

None of these recipies made yet, but pulp frozen and a make it up as I go along persimon tart made.

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