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( Jan. 5th, 2009 10:02 am)
Happy New Year everyone!

I don't normally do new year's resolutions, but I think this year is a good year to try to, so, I resolve to try to:
1) move away from the parents
2) find a shiny job that uses more of my skills
3) loose a little weight
4) post to my lj more regularly.
5) post to my dress diary blog more often, including all my sewing projects
6) make more of an effort to stay in touch with friends, especially those who I don't see much of

Hmm, I need some strategies to achieve these:
1) I'll start by asking now - anyone house hunting? (prefer near mt waverley, no cats, no perfumes, can afford to pay a bit extra per week for small luxuries like dishwashers). If I get a new job, I can probably afford a place by myself, but that's a lot of furniture to get.
2) must try harder. Considering enrolling in a project management certificate
3) hmm.  I can try to loose a few snacks, but mostly I need to exercise, and I'd really prefer not to.
4) Instead of feeling constrained to write long verbose posts I'll try humerous or quirky 2 liners.
5) try harder. play less computer games. make sure I plan projects in front of a computer so I can cut and paste doccumentation into blog entries.  Choose what to post more carefully so I don't have as many half finished posts, but instead devote time to finishing one post at a time.  Lower my standards of doccumentation just a tweak when posting about things I've made, but keep the standards up when posting about theory items.
6) I'll try to find regular activities I can share with some friends I don't see enough of.  That should be easier than constantly conquering my very mild phone phobia and organisational slackness multiple times


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