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( Apr. 1st, 2009 12:39 pm)
My previous contract finished on 27th March, but some bright spark extended my network access until 31 March, so i didn't notice an extension hadn't been asked for. And of course we can't have warning notices of accounts ending because this is a burocracy.  So today's april fool gift was a computer that wouldn't log in to the rather essential intranet. Thankfully they are actualy pretty quick at fixing things like that, but it would be nice to have someone else double checking these things and them not becoming urgent sometimes.
Arrgh! That's really close now, and I've only 3 non-working days before I leave.

Most things are sorted, have transport, will have a tent, should have food (have attempted to book, hope to get a reply tonight), just need to finalise where to plonk my tent.

I think tonight is time to have my last ditch attempt at cutting out projects that I can pretend i might finish handsewing at festival. (i'll probabbly finish one item and the others I'll at least have a head start on for next year)

The one thing I'd really like for festival is more leather shoes, peasant style.  Anyone got spare thick leather to onsell? Any idea what I should ask for at lefflers/NSW leather? Oh if only they opened till 6pm on thursdays.

In other news my very lightweight blue wool cote has only 2 gores to be sewn in, and then I can hem the bottom. Should be perfect for festival climate.  I aim to get enough done to mark the hem before I leave.

well back to work, then home and work on getting ready.


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