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( Jul. 12th, 2009 12:19 am)
whine whine whine  I have a cold, whine whine whine jobs don't magically appear without searching for them, whine whine whine, not having proper emplyment brings back thesis non-completion nightmares, mild depression and feelings of hopelessness, whine whine, the one day a week is in a stressful situation across departments, whine whine, I need to move but can't do so in current state of underemployment, whine whine, can't sleep, can't wake, cough,cough, mummy fix life for me please.

I'm sure life will feel better when I 'm not sick, and the new financial year should bring some new emplyment opportunities through the temp agency, which should make me confident enough to apply for more jobs again, and then I can get a place where I don't have to play tetris with my ever growing piles of stuff.


This house doesn't even have a proper couch to slouch in front of the tv on.


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