....getting a gift of a book you've heard lots of good about, but never seen before[1] in the post in the middle of packing to go to New Zealand for 2 weeks. With a very limited luggage allowance.

Back to the packing.  It's 11pm and thanks to the air conditioning it's only 30C here inside. 34C outside. It felt like a blast furnace when I walked out of the building at 5pm today.  And another 2 days of this exceptional over 40 C predicted, then 3 in the 30's. No rain. Can we have a normal summer instead please?  Our water tanks will be empty tommorow.  All 6000 litres, 3 large tanks.  We've had 6.2 mm of rain this year [2]. 6.2! It makes last January's drought of 13mm look bountiful. 

Apparently it's 14C in Christchurch, with a top of 26C expected tommorrow.  23C and showers on Friday when we get there.  It's going to be blessed relief.

[1]because it's not in any Australian Libraries. [livejournal.com profile] pearl  needs to see this one, especially the 5 english one piece shoes in it. (guessed which book it is yet?) 
[2]Dad's got our figures up at http://member.melbpc.org.au/~dgbrown/rain.htm
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