Sorry non-SCA people who read this, I do do non-SCA stuff, honest, I just tend not to write about it.

Planning for rowany festival.. and asking help because this year is trickier than last

Slack I am, but I'm finally booked at last for Rowany Festival.  Now to working out everything else.

Writing to think of my options, but hoping some readers might be able to suggest other options, since he ones I've listed aren't exactly optimal.

Accomodation.  I haven't aquired canvas yet, so I won't have my own period tent this year. (surprise surprise). I must try harder for next year. 
Option 1: Spacious but bright orange mundane pyramid.
Advantages - small footprint, no guy ropes, stand easily inside, can share with one other comfortably. 
Disadvantages - not period, bright orange, 2m high is hard to hide, packs up to 2m long parcel which severely limits transport options

Option 2: Try to borrow a mundane tent
Disadvantages: Most people I know are already camping, will not be confident it ill work, how to set it up, likely to be have less usable space than my orange monster
Advantage: easier to transport

Option 3: Try to borrow a period tent
Disadvantages: Nearly everyone I know with a period tent will be using it.

Option 4: Hire tent
disadvantages: Way too expensive!

Transport.  So much depends on work.  I just got told on Friday that my current temp position won't be extended (they have to find space for a maternity leave return), but annother few months in a new role will be offered to me this week.  I'll have to decide if I want to stay for that or take my chances on the permanent job market.  I'll chat and see tommorow probably.  But this gives me no security to ask for extra leave around easter.  Since it's a university I'll get friday through to Tuesday off, and working only 4 days a week, I can probably wangle a change of days to get thursday off.  Given infinite money and time, I like going up to festival on Tuesday/wednesday however, but I'm not sure I'm confident enough to ask for the extra days off.  Given this, I don't see how I can book anything or try to make arrangements with anyone yet. hopefully I'll know more tommorow.

Option 1: Try to find a lift/share drive
advantages: share driving, petrol cost
disadvantages: don't know when I'm travelling, trying to leave as early as possible will mean before main peak, most people have sorted their transport already

Option 2: Train
disadvantages: $240 return fare plus shutel to site(expensive), but timing doesn't work well with shuttles to site. May be booked out by tommorow. Limited luggage Capacity.
Advantage: Can sew or sleep on train, don't get motion sick on trains.

Option 3: Plane
disadvantages: $240 return fare plus train to gosford, plus shuttle to site(expensive), but timing doesn't work well with shuttles to site. These "cheaper" prices rely on quite early and late flights during day, so I'd probably need to drive myself to near airport parking, probably an extra $100 parking.  May be booked out by tommorow. Extremely Limited luggage Capacity.

Option 4: drive solo
disadvantages: Would need to drive over 2 days - 4 days driving for 4 days on site!  Unlikely to be able to crash on friends if i drive at my preferred driving times (night), most hotel beds are expensive for 1 and I can't sleep on them, leaving me a worse driver the next day. Would have to enforce sensible bedtimes during festival as otherwise allergy attacks (enhanced by tiredness) will prevent driving. Petrol cost not shared. (expensive). Not sure my low slung car could handle the road into site, and DO NOT want to attempt that road at night, especially alone. Boring and unproductive drive alone.
Advantages: If work allows early departure could visit canberra friends. No worry about coordinating with other people - can change plans in last week.  Have roofracks that could take mundane orange tent.

I'm the only person from Krae Glas going.  Suddenly I have no group to camp with.

Option 1: Camp in the Krae Glas site, or any other free space available alone
Advantage: easy,
Disadvantage: No community, lower security, little help packing, no shared facilities, this would just be a place to sleep, and I'd have to bring (& buy a little) extra equipment myself, and most of tht would be more mundane than I'd like.

Option 2: Camp with arrowsreach
Advantage: easy, so long as no-one objects. Close to st barts ppl.
Disadvantage: Divergent interests, I like the chance to explore periodness, the arrowsreach campsite is about fun first, then holywood medieval.

Option 3: Camp with annother group
Disadvantage: I don't know many other groups as a whole, nor what their camping setup is.  And I'm quite shy about asking.  And I'm not asking to join their group, just to camp with them for a week.

I'll need soem of that.  Evening meals at least.

Option 1: try to find a food fund to join
Disadvantage: I'm shy. Sometimes a fussy eater.  I don't know who has the kind of food fund I'd like to join, and I know how difficult it can be to scale up food fuds to fit an extra person. I don't like to impose.
Advantage: With the right  food fund I'd get to cook some period meals, and on the other nights I'd be able to leave the cooking to others. And eat yummy period food (even the non yummy stuff can at least be novel).

Option 2: Eat at Yselt's kitchen
Disadvantage: I've heard mixed reviews about the quality of the food. Have to pay for someone to cook the food for me, even though I'm a good cook and menu planner and enjoy cooking. Extra cost. Not sure if there is a community between people eating there, even if there is, I'm probably not eating with existing friends.
Advantage: easy, priced as economically as possible, extra time to do stuff.

Option 3: Self cater
Disadvantage: It's all disadvantage, I don't have the equpement, so I'd be reduced to macaroni cheese. Bad macaroni cheese. Because it's quick and i have no one to share with (not cooking, equipement, ingrediants, cooling, or even a spice box).

I have enough articles, but the change to damp revealed a few holes in my wardrobe:
*lightweight wool dress (currently 3/4 finished)
*more woolen stockings (1 extra pair wearable)
*replace chemises (1 new chemise completed, but old ones now more worn out than ever.  Will hope they last, and wash if necessary.)
*somethign showier (new austrian completed except a bit of trim, wearable)
*more stuff for hot days  (new austrian and new lightweight wool dress)
*settle on a final shape for my chape and finish edges (wearable as is, don't touch till sure what to do)
*a mantle (not started, but I have fabric)
*spare/more waterproof shoes (my thin ones soak through too quickly)
*pattens (not likely for this year)

Since I've only got one project that I'll be working on the list, I can probably start annother 2, and I might even get one finished before the end of festival.  I need a few parts though:
*has anyone seen anything I can trim the lower edge of a mantle with, 12th c style - a nice large silk remnant perhaps? Needs to go with black & pale cream herringbone wool, and probably cornflower blue linen lining.  I suppose i could just sew everything together, but the wool frays, and a trim sems an easier way to finish the edge than hemming.
* Has anyone got or seen affordable leather - about 3-5mm? enough for a pair of one piece shoes?  I'm not sure if I care if it's oak tanned or not.  If I do a rush job of sewing, I probably don't want to use expensive leather. yes i have a pair cut out, but those will be court shoes, indoor only until I get pattens.

It's so tempting to just go to Suth Moot, where everything will fall into place viz-a-viz organisation.
  But it was always planed that anyone from our shire who could go to festival should, and I'd hate to let that down now.

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