Arrgh! That's really close now, and I've only 3 non-working days before I leave.

Most things are sorted, have transport, will have a tent, should have food (have attempted to book, hope to get a reply tonight), just need to finalise where to plonk my tent.

I think tonight is time to have my last ditch attempt at cutting out projects that I can pretend i might finish handsewing at festival. (i'll probabbly finish one item and the others I'll at least have a head start on for next year)

The one thing I'd really like for festival is more leather shoes, peasant style.  Anyone got spare thick leather to onsell? Any idea what I should ask for at lefflers/NSW leather? Oh if only they opened till 6pm on thursdays.

In other news my very lightweight blue wool cote has only 2 gores to be sewn in, and then I can hem the bottom. Should be perfect for festival climate.  I aim to get enough done to mark the hem before I leave.

well back to work, then home and work on getting ready.
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