belisario I blame you....I've got a mild case of potty mouth at work today, describing things as "shity" and "shit". 
Maybe my work behaviour filters will be restored with some sleep.

Car started fine this morning. Apparently the battery only goes flat when I've just driven for 12 hours and and am less than 10 hours away from the start of work time in the morning.  Next time I'm going to insists on a 3 hour incident margin on our festival drive, since apparently cars ability to break down in minor ways is directly related to the immenence of my my next work morning.  (2 flat batteries and a runaway oil cap for those who won't hear the festival return drive saga).

Maybe introspection on festival once I've had some sleep.

Surprisingly, the builders at work who were supposed to finish everything over easter appear to only be running a day or two late.  It's only a bit of drilling and vacuuming going on around us, rather than having to send us elsewhere.
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