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([personal profile] teffania Apr. 16th, 2009 07:11 pm)
I think this photo nicely illustrates why I was the only person from my shire at festival....


From: [identity profile] originaluddite.livejournal.com

One thing I notice when the children of friends mass: So much blondness!

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Actually I think that's an artifact of the photo a bit and also of anglo-celtic stock - I bed most of the non-redheads will be brunete by 15 (look how it's the oldest ones who are already brownhaired)

I had mousy dark blond hair at kinda, mid brown hair at 8, but now the only way I could have darker hair would be to have asian hair.

From: [identity profile] teffania.livejournal.com

Oh and the lighting - compare with this:

From: [identity profile] celsa.livejournal.com

Two of my three were blonde a couple of years ago making the dark brown hair of the other stand out. Now, as is the family custom, they've all got brown hair and there is barely a shade and a half between them.

On one of the days there were at least three more children, and I can think of four others who may come to that event in future. More, if the populace insists on becoming more populous in the "breed your own newcomer" way. :-)


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