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( May. 31st, 2011 10:30 pm)
Mostly links for my reference. Although if anyone else has been talking to Tim you might find this useful.

Fuyu are the type I have, and the readily available type in australia. Either the ones I had weren't ripe yet, or they store a lot longer than 3 days at room temperature, more like 10 days. They freeze well.

Persimon cookies - 2 persimons pureed

Persimon paste - 1kg of puree (no pectin added)
Persimon Jam - 4 cups of  pulp (8 persimons) (pectin)
Persimon Chutney - 12 persimons (also bundt cake and rice pudding, not that  Iplan to try those)

Persimon tart (flip & caramelise) - 2 persimons

Rocket & Procuto wrapped persimon salad
- 2 persimons - must buy proscuto!

None of these recipies made yet, but pulp frozen and a make it up as I go along persimon tart made.

The following superfluous items are available free to good homes, in working order:
*student (as in child 10+) microscope c1960
*wooden fold out sewing box, with only a few screws missing and a handle that needs hammering back on
*star trek fact files incomplete set circa mid 90's
*I hand blown glass goblet, hand painted with flowers
*pink glass genie bottle, tall, hideous, with stopper (as new!)

and in not so good order:
*very large roll of paper very old and a bit fragile (tears a bit too easily for uses like patternmaking, but might be good for something).

More details (I can take pictures) on request. Please let me know asap if you are interested, or these go to the op shop. (I'll hold them back longer for pickup if you are interested)
I wonder where the 12th C clothing mailing list has been mentioned today (and obviously in nice terms) such that we have a rush of subscribers.
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( Jul. 12th, 2009 12:19 am)
whine whine whine  I have a cold, whine whine whine jobs don't magically appear without searching for them, whine whine whine, not having proper emplyment brings back thesis non-completion nightmares, mild depression and feelings of hopelessness, whine whine, the one day a week is in a stressful situation across departments, whine whine, I need to move but can't do so in current state of underemployment, whine whine, can't sleep, can't wake, cough,cough, mummy fix life for me please.

I'm sure life will feel better when I 'm not sick, and the new financial year should bring some new emplyment opportunities through the temp agency, which should make me confident enough to apply for more jobs again, and then I can get a place where I don't have to play tetris with my ever growing piles of stuff.


This house doesn't even have a proper couch to slouch in front of the tv on.
I know a couple of you dear readers have been experimenting with reusable mesh bags. So how has the experiment been working? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What presumed actions have to be part of your weekly habit for using these to work (other than the obvious taking them to  the shop)?

If you sewed them, what construction techniques and materials were used, and what worked or didn't?
August will be a big month for dancing, with the Bal d'Argent locally, and St Vitas Dance Weekend in Canberra on the 29th and 30th. I had a ball at the last st Vitas, and I plan on going again and maybe arriving early and catching up with a few canberran non-sca friends.

so, planning notes for my reference and the aid of the many melbourne dancer who i hope will accompany me: (please discuss, ammend, use, propose, etc...)
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( Jun. 1st, 2009 03:53 pm)
Yesterday  I was madly sneezing and exhausting my supply of hankies, with few other symptoms.  Today I dutifully stay at home to avoid spraying workmates and other than tired and a bit mentally slow, exhibit only mild symptoms, certainly not yesterday's spectacular sneezing fits.  I'm waiting for this to turn into a full blown cold (not flu, distinctly lacking several symptoms) or go away.  Back to work tomorrow I guess.

My current temp contract ends on Friday, so I'm waiting to see the next job they send is better, worse, or non existant.  I really should be tidying up my resume to send to them, but see above.

Thanks to everyone's comments I got the job app in for the job I was talking about.  6 Business days and no word, when i think they are eager for someone to start, is not a good sign.  But they promise to let everyone know the outcome when they've decided, so miracles are still possible, if unlikely.  I've sent other job apps on that day too, and but I never pinned any hopes on those ones.

I'm waiting for some oomph to send out the next batch of job apps. I've selected jobs.  My resume is shorter and better than before, I just need to tidy and write cover letters. I'm waiting to work out if I should send more applications to the uni department that hasn't replied yet - they've advertised 2 more positions (neither as attractive, but possible), one too senior and one more junior than I'd like. Maybe the temp agencies reaction to my resume will give me some clues as to what I should settle for.

I'm waiting for the heater to warm up the house a bit.  Definately no fever here, I'm consistantly cold with frosty mouse/typing hand and only cool other hand tucked that's under my cloak.

I'm waiting for the AV computer to boot up so I can watch some stored TV and do some simple handsewing and at least feel productive (one new business skirt only handsewing on waistband and hemming away from wearable.  such pretty fabric in somber grey and black - so unusual).  And it's awake, I'd best away then.........
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( May. 25th, 2009 09:27 pm)
I've discovered It's easier to write regularly in facebook status updates.   I wonder if it's the 420 character limit, or the ability to use 3rd person?

Anyway, I'm told I don't write enough on lj to let people know what I've been doing lately.  But then when people ask me in person, my usual response is to shrug, so I guess it's not really any different, - I just don't know what's notable.  I've been meetign with a friend for lunch on mondays, and I do find it easier to say what I've been doing then - when it's only been 7 days since you last saw a person, you don't expect any extrodinary answers, jsut a couple of ordinary ones.  So what have I done this week:

*found a good chinese restaurant in glenferrie I didn't know existed
*cut out and did more than half the machine sewing on a new business skirt (oh the pretty fabric, who knew black and silver grey could be so conservative, yet so pretty and facinating)
*angsted over a job app (you probably noticed that one), then finally submitted it in the nick of time
*updated my resume for above job app, then got too slack to send off a second job app on the weekend.
*kept somewhat firm in my commitment to leave current employer and hope to get somethign different and more career adcvancing elsewhere
*and then seriously considered their offer of an extra week.  craft ppl not offering a month (again) when I'd say no.
*explained to everyone at work why I'm not staying.  I doubt there will be a goodbye thing, even if i've been there longer than most permanents who get a party.
*had the first weekend in ages where I didn't leave the house after I got home on friday night after dancing
*with much help, worked out a plan for the next few dancing sessions, which now I just need to tell everyone about. It might even qualify as a grand plan.

hey, that actually begins to look productive, wow!
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( May. 22nd, 2009 12:05 pm)

Why o why are my best writing hours after 10pm on a weeknight? grr. 

Anyway, despite a rather late night, The Job Application (yes it has capitals!) is in. Phew.

I want to send in a couple of others off seek on the weekend, but they don't stress me as badly as this one did. Maybe because I don't want them as badly, but perhaps also because half my workplace doesn't know I'm applying for them.   And they are just the classic CV+cover letter format, no nasty key selection criteria.  And I now have a tidier 3 page resume I can send instead of the 5 page monster.

So it's a waiting game, and hoping that everyone else dislikes adressing key selection criteria more than me, and didn't apply.

Meanwhile the faculty is trying to extend my temp contract again.  After I said I wouldn't work for them past the end of the month without a pay rise. But they were crafty - they only asked for a week. Hmm choices.

In other news, monash is advertising for a "High Voltage Supervisor".  Well it made me giggle.
I really want a job that's advertised at the uni I work at at the moment. The jobis for a business analyst, but it's really a low level job as far as I can tell - liase with IT services to select new software, make it work properly, train staff in new software, do everyday program maitenance, write/find and adapt user manuals (probably down to quite basic levels) doccument descisions, and from my knowledge of the department, make theeir dysfunctional databases actually work systematically. I'm not properly qualified for it, but I'm pretty sure I can do the job. And I can hope that the tradition of universities having few applicants for their jobs continues, so my knowledge of the higher education research sector will compensate for my lack of qualifications in information systems or business.
Today I feel like i justified my day as a "doing stuff at home" day rather than a day off.

  • caught up on some sleep
  • baked 2 cakes (well ok, baked a double batch of cake)
  • delivered cake to a friend
  • borrowed books from the library
  • looked up skirt making notes and determined exact alterations to patterns needed for 3 skirts
  • cut out a new suede skirt
  • assembled notions for 5 skirts and made a shopping list for missing notions
  • darned a pair of socks
  • located a bug that was stopping me uploading the last batch of sca awards, and solicited expert help to fix it.
Not really 8 hours worth of things, but I think I need to pat myself on the back so that I manage at least this much next wednesday cos otherwise I end up doing less than this. So I'm going to try really hard not to write about not applying for job, not looking for houses, not shopping for computers, not finishing those blog entries, not doing any more searching for seals doccumentation, etc. Must give up online game addiction.

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( Apr. 16th, 2009 10:45 pm)
A reproduction artifact that's actually 12th Century, wow!


now if only I wanted enough of their other items to make up a shopping basket.
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( Apr. 16th, 2009 07:11 pm)
I think this photo nicely illustrates why I was the only person from my shire at festival....

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( Apr. 15th, 2009 04:46 pm)
belisario I blame you....I've got a mild case of potty mouth at work today, describing things as "shity" and "shit". 
Maybe my work behaviour filters will be restored with some sleep.

Car started fine this morning. Apparently the battery only goes flat when I've just driven for 12 hours and and am less than 10 hours away from the start of work time in the morning.  Next time I'm going to insists on a 3 hour incident margin on our festival drive, since apparently cars ability to break down in minor ways is directly related to the immenence of my my next work morning.  (2 flat batteries and a runaway oil cap for those who won't hear the festival return drive saga).

Maybe introspection on festival once I've had some sleep.

Surprisingly, the builders at work who were supposed to finish everything over easter appear to only be running a day or two late.  It's only a bit of drilling and vacuuming going on around us, rather than having to send us elsewhere.
Arrgh! That's really close now, and I've only 3 non-working days before I leave.

Most things are sorted, have transport, will have a tent, should have food (have attempted to book, hope to get a reply tonight), just need to finalise where to plonk my tent.

I think tonight is time to have my last ditch attempt at cutting out projects that I can pretend i might finish handsewing at festival. (i'll probabbly finish one item and the others I'll at least have a head start on for next year)

The one thing I'd really like for festival is more leather shoes, peasant style.  Anyone got spare thick leather to onsell? Any idea what I should ask for at lefflers/NSW leather? Oh if only they opened till 6pm on thursdays.

In other news my very lightweight blue wool cote has only 2 gores to be sewn in, and then I can hem the bottom. Should be perfect for festival climate.  I aim to get enough done to mark the hem before I leave.

well back to work, then home and work on getting ready.
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( Apr. 1st, 2009 12:39 pm)
My previous contract finished on 27th March, but some bright spark extended my network access until 31 March, so i didn't notice an extension hadn't been asked for. And of course we can't have warning notices of accounts ending because this is a burocracy.  So today's april fool gift was a computer that wouldn't log in to the rather essential intranet. Thankfully they are actualy pretty quick at fixing things like that, but it would be nice to have someone else double checking these things and them not becoming urgent sometimes.
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( Mar. 16th, 2009 02:09 pm)
Sorry non-SCA people who read this, I do do non-SCA stuff, honest, I just tend not to write about it.

Planning for rowany festival.. and asking help because this year is trickier than last.... )

types "metal aglet" into google...

So that's why so many people are looking at my dress diary blog for aglets.  Ah.

new zealand a summary:
*braided rivers - still so wierd
*mountains - so young and pointy
*fish and chips - ok, I believe it now, they really are better in nz
*vegetation - cabbage trees and flax are cute, australian weeds look so out of place, so many european trees in one place out of europe is wierd
*drought - my heart still says that wasn't a drought (green bits!), despite what my head says.
*nz heatwave - 30C with a cool breeze is really quite pleasant actually
*geological tour - fantastic!
*scenery - good on the canterbury plains. I expect it's spectacular in all the places I didn't make it to, (and kaikoura when it's not raining) but  I didn't get far from Christchurch this time
*whales - big, but smaller than I expected
*Christchurch - surprisingly big feeling for a small population
*fantails - so cute, I want one!

canterbury faire in dot points:
*meal plan - excellent food, medieval, and lots of it, but long quewes
*extended length - I couldn't notice, seemed just right, or maybe a bit short
*classes - longer time slots than rowany festival and not rushing from one to annother was very nice
*half circle theatre - very talented entertainers, including a couple of naughty knights
*acessibility - so much easier than rowany festival, from shuttles to billeting to bunkrooms and meal plan.
*bunkrooms - not enough luggage space, but were politely only left half filled. Otherwise remarkably innocuous, which is better than any other bunk option I've seen.
*bean baron and village games - fun!
*people - remarkably friendly and helpful
*organisation - done on a rather personal level, rather than organised.  Most things were achieved by asking people until you located the person who could help you.  Everyone would try and help, and the site was small enough that this mostly worked, and I mostly found out  about quirks of the site and event about half a day before I needed the information.
*size - stall small and personal, but on the verge of becoming something bigger and having to go through a lot of growing pains
*overall - I'm already wondering how to afford to go next year.

I'm glad to be back in my own bed (I don't sleep well in other beds, but apparently sheer exhaustion will counter that sufficiently), glad to have missed the worst of the sweltering melbourne weather, and feeling kinda strange to be daily presented with the strange red smoke filtered sunlight and yet not to have been around for the worst of the bushfires. But everyone I know is safe, and I'm not a firefighter, so my absence made no difference.
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( Jan. 28th, 2009 10:36 pm)
....getting a gift of a book you've heard lots of good about, but never seen before[1] in the post in the middle of packing to go to New Zealand for 2 weeks. With a very limited luggage allowance.

Back to the packing.  It's 11pm and thanks to the air conditioning it's only 30C here inside. 34C outside. It felt like a blast furnace when I walked out of the building at 5pm today.  And another 2 days of this exceptional over 40 C predicted, then 3 in the 30's. No rain. Can we have a normal summer instead please?  Our water tanks will be empty tommorow.  All 6000 litres, 3 large tanks.  We've had 6.2 mm of rain this year [2]. 6.2! It makes last January's drought of 13mm look bountiful. 

Apparently it's 14C in Christchurch, with a top of 26C expected tommorrow.  23C and showers on Friday when we get there.  It's going to be blessed relief.

[1]because it's not in any Australian Libraries. [livejournal.com profile] pearl  needs to see this one, especially the 5 english one piece shoes in it. (guessed which book it is yet?) 
[2]Dad's got our figures up at http://member.melbpc.org.au/~dgbrown/rain.htm